Class info

What we do
  • It’s a really fun dance to pop and RnB tunes with other parents and their babies! – There’s also coffee / lunch after each class so you can get to know other mums and your instructor
  • Your baby is your dance partner – The gentle movements and music will soothe and entertain your baby, and it can deepen your bond with your little one
  • You don’t have to be a pro – No dance experience required
  • It’s good for your body and mind  – Yes, ‘baby brain’ is a thing – but gentle exercise and learning the dances will not only keep your body fit but will keep you sane!
  • You’re in safe hands – Your instructor, Veronika, is not only a professional dance teacher but also a baby-carrying consultant who has extensive experience with babies
  • Benefits to post-partum depression and ‘baby blues’  – Light exercise and music have proven to alleviate postpartum depressive symptoms and to generally improve your mood through exercise, whilst also getting to know other new parents.
Essential information
  • The classes are an hour long, where you learn different dance routines each week.
  • The classes are suitable for mums 6 weeks post-delivery or 12 weeks post C-Section.
  • Dads are more than welcome too!
  • Wear comfortable footwear and clothing for you and your little one.
  • Bring a drink to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Bring a 2-shoulder baby carrier with you – spare baby carriers are available if you don’t have one.
  • Trial class – please come 15mins earlier that we can have a chat and to look at your carrier.
  • Trial class – £7
  • Monthly courses – price depending on how many weeks is in 1 month
  • Classes running all year round (except holidays)
  • ”Boogie Mamas is fun, really relaxed and (though this was purely a bonus) the dances we did at the end of each lesson also looked really good. It was an hour a week where I could exercise and laugh amongst lovely people (the rest of the group were really nice too) and for those who want to, some of the group go for a post-dance coffee with Veronika at the end which I liked as it provided a social break as well the dancing.” Amy, Battersea
  • Thank you for the most wonderful dance class and experience to bond with my baby and the other wonderful mums in your class. You offer something extra special because it’s not just another baby class. You encourage companionship and friendships between the mums and also push us just hard enough to make us realise we can still achieve things we use to be able to do pre-baby. Having a baby changes you so much. You lose your sense of self-identity and I found that again in your class.” Morag, Wimbledon

  • “Fantastic class for both mum and baby. Veronika is fab and I am always so impressed with how she breaks down the dances and teaches them to us. The babies all love it and I manage to get a bit of light sport into my day. Highly recommended!” Alice, Hammersmith